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Transformational power of hair

In 1977 Bumble and bumble started as a small beauty salon in New York City. Nowadays, it is expanded to two flagship locations, where stylists perform bold creative transformations.

The Bumble and bumble team needed products for hair with editorial quality and unparalleled versatility. Since they didn’t find them, the founders of Bumble and bumble salon decided to create their own products. After years of work their top-of-the-line range became one of the most popular in industry.

Fashion is in Bumble and bumble's DNA. They went through many years making boundary-pushing looks at shoots, shows and on set.

At Utiee we care about your natural beauty. We choose the best, affordable and quality hair care brands to collaborate with. Bumble and bumble is one of our favorite brands! We like it because it developed a special formula that works to seal split ends and smooth hair scales. All products are lightweight. Using Bumble and Bumble products will give your hair a lift whilst still remaining delicate enough for the scalp.

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