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Utiee supports KEVIN.MURPHY brand’s philosophy and a love of the environment.

Kevin Murphy is a line of hair care products founded and named by an Australian hairdresser.

Murphy’s really care about the environment isn’t just about his product formulations and packaging. He's banded together with a large group of associations to help to make a difference.

He is a part of Green Circle Salons. Kevin instructs salons and stylists about economical waste administration and shows them how to send ordinary waste, like hair clippings and aluminum foils, for reuse and reusing. 

He likewise does his part to conserve water. "The normal salon bowl utilizes more than 150 gallons of water day by day, and by 2025, it is assessed that 66% of the world will be water-pushed," says Murphy.

Also he collaborated with  ECOHEADS. This organization offers salons innovative showerheads that save up to 98 gallons of water in a solitary bowl and help salons get a good deal on water and energy bills.

Now KEVIN.MURPHY brand is working on environmental stewardship by reformulating packaging to be made with 100% Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP).

"In the previous year, I started to pay more attention to be more mindful of the staggering effect of plastic on our climate and that made me need to turn out to be more included," Murphy says, referring to that in 2017 alone, the magnificence business created 76.8 billion bundling units in plastics (even not including the auxiliary bundling lodging the actual items).

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