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Redefining Exceptional Hair

At Utiee, we choose to work with Kerastase, because it's an ecological brand which really cares about its customers and everament.

Kerastase believes that luxury should never have to compromise.

Kerastase products are made for you to enjoy luxury while supporting local communities. You should have the best salon experience while knowing it doesn't affect environment badly.

Kerastase is committed to the reasonable utilization of materials, the decrease of water squander, and to bringing down its carbon footprint. Essentially all Kérastase brand items are created in Burgos, Spain manufacturing which has had an impartial carbon footprint regarding its production since 2015.

Kerastase factories are also leading the way in environmental initiatives for reducing and reusing waste, and saving water. 

Concerning the energy on the site, these activities likewise permit the manufacturing plant to deliver sufficient energy to control itself, with a  limit of 20,000MW of thermal energy  every year. As a biomass source, it utilizes 12,000 tons of waste wood from the timberlands of the Castile and Leon areas. The biomass plant is additionally fitted with photovoltaic panels.

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